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Internet access speeds and determination methodology

Maximum speed estimated and promoted for mobile internet service

1. Definitions:

Maximum speed estimates this estimated maximum transfer rate at a fast data transmission rate that can be taken care of when experienced under real conditions. Currently the speed is specified separately, on top of the network technologies.

Promoted speed for the rapid transfer of the rate of transmission of care information It can use information about commercial purposes, to promote commercial offers.

The mentioned speed is maximum estimated and promoted for the mobile internet access service and is differentiated for the technology tip, according to the coverage parts of the Lyca Mobile network, available at
Maximum speed estimation for each technology tip for all values:

Technology 4G 3G 2G
Download speed (download) 100 mbps 8 mbps 128 kbps
Upload speed (upload) 100 mbps 16 mbps 128 kbps

Lyca Mobile does not guarantee or minimum data traffic speed for the generation of mobile networks.

2.Methodology for determining the maximum estimated data transfer speed:

The methodology for determining the maximum data transfer speed and the transfer speed of a normally available availability. Prerequisites for speeds. Maximum data transfer speed and low availability transfer rate can normally be affected by several factors:

• disturbances of electrical radio signals caused by external electrical sources, from each obstacle (buildings, bridges, tunnels, metal constructions, soil geography, walls of the building in care can be measured, etc.);
• temporary works for maintenance, modification or extension of telecommunication networks;
• The use of terminal care is not specific to the care technique in order to allow it to reach the maximum estimated speed according to the technical capabilities of the network (for example, poor performance processing, insufficient memory, etc.);
• use of proxy servers or VPN applications during testing;
• use of antivirus programs;
• limitations due to the operating system - certain errors of the operating system of the mobile terminal with which the measurements are made can affect the transfer speed and may lead to erroneous results; the tests must be performed from mobile terminals with up-to-date operating systems;
• the version of the browser used - the latest versions of browsers contain dedicated options to facilitate the best transfer speeds (eg support for a number of threads running in parallel for data transfer);
• the spectrum and radio technologies available in the area where the measurements are made;
• signal power level and signal quality level; • availability of cell resources at the time of measurements;
• hourly intervals during which measurements are made (during or outside peak hours);
•the existence of background / parallel traffic during the measurements;
• existence of applications running in the background.

The Netograf application dedicated to mobile terminals available on the website or directly at detects and displays a number of factors that could affect a measurement, under the following conditions:

• there is less than 200 Mbytes of free RAM;
• the battery charge is below 20%;
• background traffic exceeds 1% of the measured speed;
• if the radio signal level is below a certain value: in the case of 3G: a signal power level (RSSI) ≤ -85dBm

3. The speed measurement procedure for the mobile internet access service

A. Terminal conditions:

• all measurements must be made with the same SIM card and the same terminal;
• the terminal must have the software updated to the latest version available for the respective terminal;
• the terminal must have technical specifications that allow it to reach the maximum speed estimated according to the technical capabilities of the network:
• Minimum requirements for 3G technology: Quad Core processor minimum to 1.2 GHz, internal memory minimum 1GB RAM, operating system: Android 7.0 or higher, iOS11 or higher; HSDSCH Physical Layer Category: 24 / EDCH Physical Layer Category: 6; support for 3G UMTS B1 and B8 bands
• it is necessary to deactivate the option to share the Internet connection (Mobile Hotspot / Mobile Tethering);
• it is necessary to close all programs or applications that generate data traffic (filesharing, streaming, browsing of any kind, messaging, etc.).

B.All measurements must be performed under the following conditions:

• in areas where the technology related to the measured speed is available; avoiding crowded spaces (for example sports competitions, rallies, concerts, etc.);
• at times when there are no adverse weather conditions (for example: strong wind, storm, snow, etc.);
• the graphical signal power indicator, usually displayed on the terminal screen, indicates the maximum value.
The steps to be followed by a user who wants to measure speeds for the mobile internet access service:

1. Download the Netograf app from the Google Play store (Android) or the App Store (iOS);
2. To own or create an account on Netograf;
3. Be logged in / authenticated to the Netograf account at the time of the measurements
4. To carry out the measurements taking into account all the conditions described above (point 4. letter A and B);
5. To carry out measurements at least 5 days (of which, at least one weekend day) during a maximum of 30 consecutive days, making at least 6 measurements per day, of which at least one measurement every day within the hour 23:00 -07: 00. Measurements should be made at intervals of at least one hour apart. It is considered an important difference, permanent or repeated at regular intervals if at least half of the measurements made are below the values in the table:

Download Upload
3G 2 mbs 0.5 mbs

Complaints regarding products and electronic communications services provided by Lyca Mobile may be submitted by end users to the Customer Service Department in any of the following ways:

1) Phone
• Call 151 from your Lyca Mobile
Rates: Wait time: FREE
Call the customer support: FREE
• Call + 40 377 881276 on another phone, or from abroad
Rates: can be applied to other operating charges

2) Web form:
• By completing the form at the following address:

3) E-mail:
• If the complaint has already been registered, and the end user is not satisfied with the answer received and wishes that the problem to be investigated further, may send an email to:
The work programme of the Customer Service Department is from Monday to Saturday between 09:00-18:00.

End users can forward complaints by Lyca Mobile within 30 calendar days of the date of the event in question. Complaints must include the name and contact details of the client, including the phone number, and a description of the aspects of the subject.

We intend to solve the complaint as soon as possible and that's why we will forward the information to the customer about how and when we set out to solve in one of the ways of communication for which the customer has opted at the time of registration of the complaint. The maximum term for the settlement of complaints is 5 business days.

In some situations, including force majeure, some cases, depending on the nature and complexity of the aspects are seized when necessary additional verifications or investigations, the term for the settlement of complaints may be extended, in exceptional cases up to 60 calendar days, prior notification to the customer of such circumstances

The time limits mentioned above shall be calculated from the date of registration of the complaint to Lyca Mobile.
Lyca Mobile is committed to pay for each day of delay one euro credit directly on the SIM card for failure to meet the above mentioned deadlines, up to a maximum of EUR 100. This compensation is subject to the conditions of paragraph 8 of the terms and conditions without affecting your right to compensation for damages claimed and proven under the conditions specified therein.

Where the complaint is not solved amicably, the customer has the possibility of settlement of the dispute in order to address the ANCOM (National Authority for the Regulation and Administration of Communications), ANPC (National Authority for Consumer Protection) for natural persons, or to the competent court, if necessary.
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