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Here at Lycamobile we pride ourselves on delivering a first-rate international service and are delighted to be bringing our world famous brand to Romania for the very first time. Whilst this is happening, connectivity failures in our service may be experienced when making calls and texts to a minority of Romanian networks. This is the result of connections to these networks still being finalised and will be resolved presently.

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Regulated prices for roaming in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo valid from 01.07.2019:
The retail call price in roaming for a minute conversation for outgoing calls is 5.04 MKD/min with VAT, and for incoming calls amounts to 2.9 MKD/min including VAT.
The retail price for outgoing SMS messages in roaming is 2.63 MKD (including VAT).
The retail price for data transmission in roaming per MB is 1.9 MKD (including VAT).
The prices are regulated with the decision of the Agency for Electronic Communication (AEC) No.1306-1738/2 from 25.06.2019.

Rates and use of the Lycamobile Services are further subject to the Terms and Conditions

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