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Lycatel offers a broad product portfolio comprising of prepaid telephony solutions including calling cards, mobile services (MVNO), money transaction services, carrier to carrier wholesale services and residential indirect access services. Visit our website at to find out more about us.


Lycamoney offers you the Lycamoney Card which is a Chip & PIN prepaid MasterCard®. It is a payment card that works a bit like a pay as you go mobile phone. No interest charges on the card. You can only spend what you have loaded on the card. Once the money loaded onto the card has been spent, you can't spend any more until you've topped it up. To find out more about it and request your Lycamoney Card visit our website at


Lycafly offers a broad range of low-cost flights around the world. Wether you are booking a flight, flight + hotel or just a hotel stay is a popular destination to make your dream come true.

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